Instagram is the finest social media platform on the Internet, with more than 1 billion active users worldwide. Half of the active users spend time on the Stories, which is around 500 million. So, posting the 15 seconds videos on Instagram can become a good reason to reach your posts to as many audiences as possible. Also, Instagram stories tend to be the key factor for building your brand or company authority with more views and user acquisition.

Whether you believe it or not, the 24 hours stay of the Instagram stories can make a big difference to the profile. If you are new to the platform, we will let you know about the five brilliant ways to use the stories and become successful.

Share Links on the Instagram Stories

If you are running a business or company website and want to get more clicks on it, Instagram stories are the best way. Yes, Link insertion can become a major aspect of your life to attain tremendous results for the landing page.

IF you have a business profile that contains more than 10K followers, the use of Link insertion is possible for you. As you are eligible, you can post as many stories on Instagram and insert the link to get more audience on the landing page and escalate your sales and visibility.

While inserting the link on Instagram stories, try to buy Instagram impressions. It’s one of the best ways for you to bring an instant audience to the profile, and there are several best sites to buy Instagram impressions.

Post Live Videos:

From the Instagram stories, you can get better engagement by posting live videos. Technically, the Live video feature comes to the Instagram stories section, and you can make good use of it. With the emotional aspect, making the videos live is outstanding for you. Also, whenever you go live, the Instagram algorithm sends the notification to the followers, which can bring instant traffic, and the chances of the posts showing on the search and explore tab will increase for you.

Besides that, going live on Instagram is also essential for you to build trust for your brand and profile. Moreover, you can take pictures of the best comments of the live sessions and post them to the Instagram stories to receive engagement.

Add Pictures in the Stories:

If you want to increase brand awareness as a business owner on Instagram, you can make good use of the stories to get sales and increase business recognition. Therefore, posting only one picture on the stories is not a good practice as you should post multiple pictures on it. The bigger brands try to follow the same strategy of posting multiple pictures and getting tremendous outcomes.

Do QNA Sessions on Stories:

Have you ever seen the bigger brands or companies who host the QnA sessions on the stories? IF no, then you are not following the right accounts as the majority of the successful accounts do it on average. The QnA sessions in the Stories sections are an effective way to attain tremendous results, which is brilliant.

Hosting the QnA sessions on Instagram stories will guide the viewers about your business and brand. In other words, answers to their personal questions will become a great effort from your side to bring engagement and guide the other party. It can become a major reason for your content to go viral on the platform.

Use of Different Fonts:

Posting quality content on Instagram stories is not the only way to thrive on the platform. It would help if you also tried to bring some uniqueness and attractiveness to the stories, which is possible with the help of using different fonts.

Luckily, Instagram has introduced several features in the stories section that can use to get better engagement. Within the features, changing the font’s colors and considering the other important feature aspects will make it a big win factor for you, which is outstanding.

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